Cease (FKA Ceas) is a one-man sonic venture out of Stockholm via Melbourne emerging as progressive and semi-electronic sounds, shaped under the influences of 80’s new wave and present-day electronic.

A Christian upbringing, with its following breakup, led to the start of a sonic journey on the west coast of Sweden. After crossing the Indian Ocean and starting new, Ceas was defined through inspiration from nomadic travels and soul-searching of the past.

Naive emotions and split feelings are turned into daydream-like melodies, taking the seemingly conventional and submerge it with gloom and bloom. The sound is given momentum by bass and beats to songs that are simple but intricate, dark but promising.

The first EP came out in 2013 with collected recordings from earlier sessions, receiving spread radio play. The latest release, ‘After all this', is taking the sound and pushing it further, into less chartered waters.

— C

Ceas Ceas